The terms ‘Machine Learning’, ‘Big Data’, and ‘Artificial intelligence’ are thrown around a lot, but what exactly are these technologies used for and what is there any real threat to humans? The media portrays AI and robotic automation as a threat to our freedom or even end civilization. Simply put, Big Data is the study of, as the name implies, vasts amounts of data also known as Data Lakes. Companies such as Google, Apple, Amazon, eBay, and virtually every other Fortune 500 is gathering massive amounts of data on product trends and consumer behaviors. The study of Big Data allows for data to be augmented for human and business decision intelligence. This enables optimization of the system by leveraging the power of data.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are two topics that mean similar things, yet one depends on the other. Artificial intelligence is achieved with machine learning techniques. Machine learning is the development of functions that allow computers to approach a certain goal. With the right amount of data, and enough runs, a computer is able to approximate or even predict a desirable outcome. Once this technique is used to teach a computer learn to master a specific task, whether it be a skill, a game, or to detect imminent threats, this is what we call Artificial Intelligence. Interestingly, Artificial intelligence and Big Data intersect where large enterprises leverage the power of data and machine learning to automate processes. Artificial intelligence is simply a tool that can be used to interpret large amounts of data and infer conclusions to generate business intelligence.