Does BIYOVI offer an expensive proposition?

AR/VR/MR is developing at impressive speeds and the market is exploding. Working with new technologies require an honest partner which streamlines processes to ensure cost effective solutions. You will be happy to know that impressive visualizations with our studio do not have to eat up your entire yearly budget. As every project is different, get in touch with us and we will provide you with a quote.

How does the creative team create Virtual Reality?

We create computer generated environments that immerse users into realistic virtual worlds. For this we account for vision simulation and implement the latest technologies which reduce latency and reduce cybersickness rates. Experienced cinematic production teams also create impacting 3D sound effects.

What do I need to start a project?

Its best to have the objective as clear as possible. After close consultation in collaboration with our team, we will go through a list of items required to proceed. Such may include 3D CAD files, personal notes, drawings, and business plans.

What timeframe are we looking at per project?

The length of time a project takes depends on the size, scope, preparation, and other variables. Obviously, defined objectives will generally speed up the process. Generally, projects take anywhere from one to several months, but again. This all depends on time and budget.

Can changes be requested once a project has initiated?

We aim to be fair in our business dealings. A project scope with defined outcomes will be generated prior to contracting work. We are happy to correct mistakes along our course of work should a measurable agreed to outcome not be consistent with the contracted work. Corrections outside the scope of the initial agreement will generally have an additional fee, depending on the amount of required work.

How do I view your immersive content?

You will be happy to know that we work with most of the platforms currently available on the market. Such include:

How does your creative team create augmented reality?

We generate computer generated interactive images over existing reality and physical objects and generate 3D models, videos, and immersive information. How we lay such information depends on the nature of the experience the client seeks to achieve. Information can be viewed in simple form on just about any phone and can evolve to headsets such as Microsoft HoloLens which drastically improves the feel of real world and computer-generated elements.

Want to inquire about something else?

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